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Hi, I’m Matt

For over ten years, I have been a photographer with a keen interest in portraits and capturing authentic moments. As an elopement photographer I love travelling off the beaten path throughout Scotland and photographing couples on their wedding or elopement day.

In terms of style, I would describe my photography as couple and “moment” led. Pictures are the most authentic to you as a couple when you are natural and not overly posed, and that’s how I like to capture them.

My editing style is fine-art, which means a timeless and classic style, which isn’t going to age or look dated. I ensure my edits are also optimised for both print and digital so you can be assured that your photos will look just as good on your wall as on a screen!

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About me

Pitlochry Wedding & Elopement Photographer

Pitlochry, nestled in the heart of Scotland, is an exceptional choice for a wedding or elopement.

Pitlochry offers a picturesque backdrop that embodies the essence of a fairytale wedding. The town is surrounded by stunning landscapes, from rolling hills to serene lochs, providing a romantic and serene atmosphere. Imagine exchanging vows with the majestic Ben Vrackie as your witness or celebrating your love in a charming garden adorned with vibrant flowers. Pitlochry's natural beauty sets the stage for a truly memorable wedding experience.

Beyond its scenic allure, Pitlochry boasts a wealth of venues and accommodations suitable for weddings of various sizes. From elegant castles and country houses to cozy lodges and luxury hotels, there is a venue to suit every couple's vision and budget. The town's warm hospitality ensures that you and your guests will be well taken care of, creating a welcoming and memorable experience for everyone involved.

Additionally, Pitlochry offers an array of activities and attractions to enhance your wedding or elopement experience. Explore the nearby Cairngorms National Park, embark on scenic hikes, or indulge in a whisky tasting at one of the local distilleries. For history enthusiasts, Pitlochry is home to fascinating landmarks such as Blair Castle, providing a touch of grandeur and cultural significance to your special day.

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